Kelly Patricia O’Meara


Currently an investigative reporter with the Washington Times, Insight Magazine, covering issues such as, corruption in the L.A. Courts, the connection between Ritalin and school yard shootings, and several articles on TWA 800.

In September of 1997, O’Meara ended a 17-year career on Capitol Hill, having served four members of Congress. During her tenure, O’Meara spent more than six years investigating the gunshot death of a Marine in El Salvador.

The investigation took O’Meara into the unfamiliar territories of forensic pathology and ballistics. She arranged for and attended the exhumation and autopsy of the deceased more than two years after his death and participated in numerous ballistics tests. Based on the physical evidence uncovered during her investigation, the Department of Defense changed their original determination of the cause of death from self-inflicted gunshot wound to "undetermined" – a ruling of immense importance to the young man’s parents.

As Administrative Assistant to Michael P. Forbes (then R-NY), O’Meara was charged with investigating the circumstances of the tragic explosion of TWA flight 800. Shortly thereafter, O’Meara left Capitol Hill and joined Emmy award winning producer, Kristina Borjesson, to produce a 15-minute segment for an ABC news magazine television show, Declassified. Production came to a halt in August of 1998 and the show was canceled by ABC months later.

O’Meara took advantage of an internship with the National Journalism Center in Washington, D.C. There she researched and wrote a groundbreaking investigative piece on money laundering during the ’96 presidential election, then accepted a position with Insight Magazine.