Date: 7/16/07

-TWA Flight 800: Grassroots petition takes aim at CNN factual errors
-Signed by former CNN Aviation Expert and victims' family members

A growing consensus among independent experts and alternative news outlets is that a missile downed Flight 800 in 1996. But the major news networks are holding fast to the government's theory that a spark in a fuel tank brought down the plane. Yet that idea was discredited by the FAA's radar data itself.

The government says that more than 100 eyewitnesses didn't see a missile at all, but saw TWA 800 climbing sharply, which only "looked like a missile". However, data from the nearest radar sites to the crash show that Flight 800 didn't climb at all, but rather began an immediate descent after exploding. So the object the witnesses saw was *not* Flight 800, and was likely a missile.

For the past eleven years, the government relied on a passive media unwilling to look closely at the facts. And just last year, CNN continued its trust of discredited official sources when it aired a two-hour documentary on the crash, which included an animation of Flight 800 climbing sharply after exploding.

This clear error and others caused the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO) to file a formal complaint with CNN, outlining the problems with its documentary. And just last week, FIRO launched a petition to stop CNN's show "No Survivors" from re-airing this anniversary.

CNN's former aviation expert Dr. Vernon Grose (who was working for CNN when 800 went down) signed FIRO's petition, along with hundreds of other citizens, including family members of crash victims.

Detailed critique of CNN's No Survivors show:

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