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Center Wing Tank
Simulation data compared to radar data (click to enlarge).

FIRO Petition to NTSB: Section V

5) Failure to produce any evidence or analysis supporting a widely publicized post-failure flight path.

FACT: One month before the first NTSB public hearing on Flight 800 in 1997, the FBI released a CIA-produced animation entitled "TWA Flight 800: What Did the Witnesses See." This animation was widely televised and promoted a CIA interpretation of about 1/3 of the eyewitnesses to the crash. It showed Flight 800 climbing approximately 3,000 feet after its forward fuselage broke away. "This may have looked like a missile attacking an aircraft,"[21] according to the animation's narrator.

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NTSB simulated climb data shown to be invalid (click to enlarge).

TWA Flight 800: A Critique of NTSB Simulation Addendum 22D

All NTSB crash sequence simulations in Addendum 22D fall outside the radar tolerances during a time when Flight 800 is proposed to climb sharply by federal investigators. The simulated steep climbs resulted from the simulated removal of the forward fuselage from the rest of the aircraft four seconds after the initiating event. No other damage is factored into the NTSB simulations--damage that could reduce and even negate the substantial gains in altitude shown. The law of conservation of energy dictates that Flight 800 did not climb as depicted in federal simulations.

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Frame from CIA animation.

FBI force-fed mainstream media CIA's Flight 800 propaganda

When the FBI stepped away from the Flight 800 investigation in November of 1997, then Assistant Director James Kallstrom held a press conference, which included a CIA video. The video allegedly depicted the final moments of flight for the doomed aircraft as it headed to Paris. All the major networks aired the video nationwide during primetime hours. But no network was given the chance to review the content of the video, nor even the opportunity to check the validity of the data used to produce it. Even Boeing was out of the loop.

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