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Eyewitness Paul Angelides
Flight 800 eyewitness Paul Angelides (left) interviewed by FIRO Chairman Tom Stalcup on Fire Island, New York (9/00).

TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Evidence


The FBI interviewed 670 eyewitnesses to the crash of TWA Flight 800. Witnesses who observed events early in the crash sequence described a rising streak of light culminating in an airborne explosion at Flight 800's altitude.

Nearly all of the witnesses observed the end of the crash sequence, which included the fiery descent of the jetliner into the Atlantic Ocean. A detailed compilation of eyewitness statistics from raw FBI interview documents and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports can be found in FIRO's "Review of the Official TWA Flight 800 Witness Reports."

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Eyewitness Statistics
Eyewitness statistics for witnesses who described the origin and/or trajectory of a streak of light (click to enlarge).

Review of the Official TWA Flight 800 Witness Reports

T.F. Stalcup and T. Shoemaker

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization

May 30, 2001


This review catalogues oversights and deficiencies within the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) studies of the TWA Flight 800 eyewitness database. Additionally, a detailed statistical examination of the database is presented that shows a majority of the witnesses who reported seeing a rising "streak of light" moments before the crash contradict the NTSB's explanation of the streak and clearly establish that the NTSB theory is untenable.

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Witness 88
Page one of FBI eyewitness interview summary (FD-302) for Witness 88 (click to enlarge).

TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Quotes

In April of 2000, the NTSB released thousands of documents representing (mostly FBI) interviews with 670 eyewitnesses. Many witness documents are missing and listed by the FBI as "unable to locate." And it is possible that interviews with hundreds of other witnesses have not yet been released. However, from the available witness documents, 21 eyewitnesses observed two distinct objects in the air. The following are direct quotes taken from official FBI witness documents, available at

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Sketch 649
Drawing made by Witness 649. Click to enlarge. (Typed notations and arrows added by FIRO)

Witness sketches get no sunlight at 'Sunshine Hearing'

Eyewitnesses provided federal investigators with hand drawings of what they saw happen in the sky the night Flight 800 went down, but none were displayed or discussed at the National Transportation Safety Boardís (NTSB) Sunshine Hearing held in August 2000--a hearing open to the public, as required by the "Government in the Sunshine Act."

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NTSB Witness Group
Some of the 736 witness locations within 100 nautical miles of crash site (click to enlarge).

The Eyewitnesses: A Brief Review of Official Declarations

Gathering Data

In the immediate aftermath of the loss of TWA Flight 800, hundreds of FBI agents descended upon the Hamptons in Long Island. Their task? To interview eyewitnesses to the tragedy.

The FBI didn't have to look very hard. At the time of the crash, thousands of potential witnesses were enjoying a beautiful summer evening when Flight 800 went down, just after sunset. The weather, location, and time of year made the crash of Flight 800 one of the most watched commercial airline disasters in history.

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Levine Sketch
Eyewitness Naneen Levien drawing her observations on CNN during a July 1996 broadcast (typed notations added by FIRO).

Sketch located by independent researcher

Naneen Levine was the first eyewitness to the crash of Flight 800 interviewed by authorities. Her FBI summary mentions a sketch she drew during this interview, but does not include it. It is among 29 other witness documents listed by the FBI as "unable to locate."[1]

Levine also sketched her observations for CNN. Independent researcher Ian Goddard taped the broadcast and maintains a webpage featuring that picture.

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TWA Logo

TWA Submission to NTSB: The eyewitness portion

1.18.3 Eyewitness Statements

Early attempts by the Boardís Witness Group to assemble, review and analyze eyewitness accounts of the accident were entirely pre-empted by the FBIís criminal investigation. The Boardís initial Witness Group disbanded after it became apparent that the FBI would not cede authority to the NTSB to conduct interviews of eyewitnesses to the accident. Further, the Groupís preliminary, draft report, as well as all other eyewitness data, were purposefully omitted from the Boardís discussion and presentation at the December 1997 public hearing, at the insistence of the FBI.

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Dwight Brumley
Flight 800 eyewitness Dwight Brumley corrects a CIA-interpretation of his observations at a July 2002 hearing (click to enlarge).

The Flight 800 Eyewitness Hearing

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO) sponsored the first public hearing on the crash of TWA Flight 800 that included eyewitnesses. Eight witnesses testified before a five member panel of FIRO representatives at the July 14, 2001 hearing. The witnesses described their observations and answered questions from the panel. The media and public questioned the witnesses after the panel, followed by a summary of an independent study of 670 official FBI eyewitness documents.

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