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Levine Sketch
Eyewitness Naneen Levien drawing her observations on CNN during a July 1996 broadcast (typed notations added by FIRO).

Sketch located by independent researcher

Naneen Levine was the first eyewitness to the crash of Flight 800 interviewed by authorities. Her FBI summary mentions a sketch she drew during this interview, but does not include it. It is among 29 other witness documents listed by the FBI as "unable to locate."[1]

Levine also sketched her observations for CNN. Independent researcher Ian Goddard taped the broadcast and maintains a webpage featuring that picture.

Goddard said the path shown in the picture (from A to B) "is completely inconsistent with the flight path of Flight 800 as it would be seen from Long Island."[2] Flight 800 was travelling the other direction, from Levine's perspective. Federal investigators allege that Levine saw Flight 800 alone.

Levine was interviewed the night of the crash by two Suffolk County Police detectives, who recorded that "She observed a red dot emanate from the dunes...upward and very fast...slightly arcing left to right."[3]

A month later, the FBI interviewed Levine. A summary of that interview states that "she had drawn a picture of what she had seen for the two law enforcement people who had interviewed her before."[3] This picture is presenty listed by the FBI as lost[1].

Levine viewed the accident from Long Island (eight miles north of the crash), so the object she described moving "left to right"[3] was actually heading west. Federal investigators allege that Levine was watching Flight 800 heading east in "crippled flight."[4]

Note the similarties between Levine's sketch (above) and these.

See also: Ian Goddard's webpage with Levine's drawing.

The Eyewitnesses: A Brief Review of Official Declarations

Eyewitness Quotes

CNN crash scenario report with reference to eyewitness Naneen Levine.
Note: CNN graphics show Flight 800 travelling left to right. Flight 800 was heading east, and thus moving right to left to witnesses looking south from Long Island. A "flare" rising from left to right, described by Levine or any other south-gazing witness, is inconsistent with the flight path of TWA 800--the official explanation for this rising flare.[9]


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