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The Red Residue: Obtained by James Sanders

  • A brief description of the red residue and its relevance to the crash.
  • The FBI and NTSB contend[1, 2] that the red residue Sanders obtained was merely seat adhesive--specifically[2] 3M 1357 adhesive used to hold the seat fabric to the seat frames. The following compares Sanders' residue with the above mentioned adhesive.

    Elemental Analysis results of Sanders' residue and 3M 1357 Scotch Grip Adhesive.

    Some have suggested that the NTSB did not send the red residue to NASA for testing, but instead sent adhesive samples. The following images are of the actual samples sent to NASA, followed by an image of the red residue, tested for Sanders.

    Images of samples tested[3] by Charles Bassett of NASA.

    Here is an image of the residue tested[4] by James Sanders.

    Seat adhesive obtained from TWA

    Kay Pennington has independently lead investigative efforts into the cause of the Flight 800 tragedy. In order to check the government's claim that Sanders' residue was adhesive, she obtained adheshive directly from the seats of a TWA 800 sistership, from her contacts within TWA. The adhesive samples were then soaked in Atlantic Ocean water for three weeks, then tested[5] at the NHMFL. According to a TWA mechanic and Flight Attendant, the seats of this plane were retrofitted with new fabric at the same time as TWA 800. Results of these tests appear in the 'Comparison' above. The following link shows two images Kay's sample which appears similar to "sample 2" tested at NASA.

    A Synopsis of the Government's Handling of the Red Residue: By James Sanders

    This report outlines the government maneuvering after the Press Enterprise story broke on Sanders' analysis of the red residue. Included in this synopsis are recent admissions[6] by Dr. Merrit Birky, Fire and Explosions Group, NTSB, concerning the testing of Sanders' residue.

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